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                                              Little Blue And The End of the earth

Little Blue is the only child of his family, until ... his mother leaves for the clinic, and his father announces to him happily that he will not be alone anymore! Finally ! At seven and a half, he will be the eldest of a little brother or a little sister ... What must have been a happy announcement is actually a tragedy! Having a brother or sister ... What a horror for an only child! Share his toys, his father, his mother, love and hugs! No way!

So the father throws a sentence in the air ... It's called an expression: "It's not the end of the earth!" ... to become a big brother!

Well, if! And precisely what is the end of the earth?
Little Blue is determined to find his, and it is by discovering Africa that he will face his own fears, from there the American continent will continue to grow it ... Then Asia, Australia ... To find the world's end, he must know "his own", and this adventure will offer Little Blue the opportunity to find "his" end of the earth! ... Is it a brother? Is she a sister? ...

Show for children from 3 to 10 years old

Duration: approximately 1h15 min, following the children's participation - Puppet stage and lights