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No holidays for Little Blue
Little Blue has fallen from the toboggan and for him there is no vacation. He has a big bandage on his head and attends the departure of his friends.

All his friends are ready to travel the roads of France, and he is forced to stay in his apartment in the city. The doctor said, "My little boy, you cannot leave home."

But Little Blue is not very obedient and when a strange balloon asks him to play with him, Little Blue, happy to find a playmate, accepts with joy and impatience. But the little boy throws too high, too strong and the ball will get lost in a crash of broken windows!

Little Blue  decides to go get his friend the ball when suddenly Victor cat warns him: the ball entered Madame Cannelle's home. She's a funny magician. She should never be disturbed under any circumstances. Little Blue does not listen to him and his quest will lead him first to Madame Cannelle, then to the bad teacher Gluton who lives with his ugly pig named Aspic. No vacation for Little Blue is a sacred adventure in the middle of the city!

Show for children from 3 to 10 years old

Duration: approximately 60 min, following the children's participation

Puppet stage and lights